Saturday, August 2, 2014

58th Annual Womble Reunion

We had our annual reunion this year in the home setting of Morse, TX.  Had really nice weather and we really had a better turn out this year.  That was good as last year we had a really low turn out. Hopefully we can start building up again.  Any ideas on how to get more coming?  Next year same time, same place – fourth Sunday of July.  Here are some family pictures…

Decorations were Texas themed, sort of.  07-27-14 Womble Reunion 0107-27-14 Womble Reunion 0207-27-14 Womble Reunion 03Lots of visiting…07-27-14 Womble Reunion 0407-27-14 Womble Reunion 05One of the best things – the lady sitting her in blue, Donna Nell, died just yesterday.  I am so pleased she got to spend another reunion with us.  Rest easy, Donna.07-27-14 Womble Reunion 0607-27-14 Womble Reunion 07The auction went great!  We raised some good money to keep us going.07-27-14 Womble Reunion 08Ahh, Ross.  Sigh.07-27-14 Womble Reunion 0907-27-14 Womble Reunion 1007-27-14 Womble Reunion 1107-27-14 Womble Reunion 12Yum!07-27-14 Womble Reunion 14You really don’t have to call us more than once to come eat.07-27-14 Womble Reunion 1507-27-14 Womble Reunion 16

Thank you for coming!  Let’s do it up right next year!

And thanks for visiting.

Activities with boys to make the summer more kid friendly

I try to keep the boys two to three days a week, maybe not all day, but enough that they aren’t responsible for getting meals all the time or just sitting in the house.  They may sit in my house but that is just better somehow.  Anyway, we went fishing and to the zoo the last couple of weeks.  We have also played with water balloons and cooked and went to the store. Little things but it keeps the boys pretty happy. We are looking for more things that don’t cost a lot too. After all, there are only four weeks left before school starts.  The hard part is having the age difference.  Eight and fourteen are pretty different.

So fishing.  We do this every summer and this year the weather was just perfect. Not too hot!

Zane is a very impatient fisherman usually but he did much better this time.07-23-14 Fishing 01Zachary is patient.  He will just watch forever.

07-23-14 Fishing 03And gets rewarded first with a catfish.  No, we do catch and release and I am on the lookout for some snelled barbless hooks.  We had to cut three hooks off the line and I just hate it.  I have found the hooks but not snelled.  May have to learn how to do it myself.  How peaceful.07-23-14 Fishing 07And then Zane got one!  Yea.  Zachary ended up with three and Zane one.  07-23-14 Fishing 1007-23-14 Fishing 1207-23-14 Fishing 14One of our resident swans.07-23-14 Fishing 20See you have to have snacks to fish.07-23-14 Fishing 2107-23-14 Fishing 22This is really nice.07-23-14 Fishing 23

This week we went to the zoo.  It is a small zoo but they are improving it all the time.  I was surprised the boys wanted to go but I think it is just a nice out of the house activity. And it was a beautiful cool morning and the zoo is in fantastic shape.  All the animals look sleek and healthy. 

Monkeys are always our first stop.  We used to have a bunch including babies buy we found out these three are all males.  So no babies even though one is so fat he looked pregnant.  Very well fed!08-01-14 Zoo 0108-01-14 Zoo 0208-01-14 Zoo 03They were like the Three Stooges following each other everywhere.08-01-14 Zoo 05The lemurs were in rare form with their screaming.  Whew.  They were noisy.08-01-14 Zoo 0608-01-14 Zoo 07We love the lions.  They were so content and quiet – for a little bit anyway.  When they roar they shake the ground at the zoo.08-01-14 Zoo 0808-01-14 Zoo 13We have three black bears.  They are behind a plexiglass enclosure so you get a pretty good clear look at them.08-01-14 Zoo 09Watching the bears.08-01-14 Zoo 10I want a coat from this fur. The second tiger is even sleeker.  Beautiful animals.08-01-14 Zoo 1508-01-14 Zoo 17Both foxes were sleeping. This one is red and the other is grey.  Cute little fellows.  We usually have coyotes but the enclosure was being redone so not sure if we don’t have them anymore or they are just waiting.08-01-14 Zoo 18Bobcats.  Three last I could see.08-01-14 Zoo 20Checking out the wallabies. One red one and one small dark grey.08-01-14 Zoo 2108-01-14 Zoo 2408-01-14 Zoo 25These are new.  Pretty colors. Not a good picture.08-01-14 Zoo 22Not ocelots.  These are servals.  They are just darling.08-01-14 Zoo 27This sheep is kind of hard to spot on the rocks.  They are even harder to see in the wild!08-01-14 Zoo 29Buffalo of course.  There were four total, and two or three elk and a couple of antelope.08-01-14 Zoo 3008-01-14 Zoo 3208-01-14 Zoo 33And our huge turtle.  We used to have two but I only spotted the one.  Such old men.08-01-14 Zoo 34

That’s all.  For now.  Thanks for visiting!


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