Friday, July 18, 2014

Colorado Vacation 2014–Thirty Mile Campground, between Creede and Lake City, CO and on to Fun Valley

Next we went on to one of our favorite spots between Creede, CO and Lake City, CO.  This year the road was ROUGH and that is putting it mildly.  We shook off a curtain valance and many things were in the floor by the time we got to our spot.  We did not have reservations for anywhere we stayed but never had a problem.  That was a surprise as it was just after 4th of July.

We even had lots of hummingbirds!  I did not take many pictures, just enjoyed…07-07-14 Near Creede CO 01The boys, Zane’s rod, Zachary’s casting, caught a nice brook and he tasted great!07-07-14 Near Creede CO 06And of course we had fires and s’mores.07-07-14 Near Creede CO 0907-07-14 Near Creede CO 1107-07-14 Near Creede CO 1207-07-14 Near Creede CO 1307-07-14 Near Creede CO 16This was right behind our camping area.07-08-14 Near Creede CO 0107-08-14 Near Creede CO 0207-08-14 Near Creede CO 0507-08-14 Near Creede CO 0607-08-14 Near Creede CO 1107-08-14 Near Creede CO 1307-08-14 Near Creede CO 1707-08-14 Near Creede CO 19Mike caught a couple of rainbow but released the. This fish was really pretty.07-08-14 Near Creede CO 22Letting him go.07-08-14 Near Creede CO 24The wildflowers were just awesome.  We even had a moose in our camp but never saw her.  She had a calf with her but was pretty sneaky.  One of the campers showed us pictures.  Sure wish we could have caught a small glimpse.07-08-14 Near Creede CO 3207-08-14 Near Creede CO 3407-08-14 Near Creede CO 3607-08-14 Near Creede CO 37We met some neighbors from Louisiana via Texas (they used to live in Texas).  They invited us to the their campfire and Ross and Cecile and their grandson played guitars and a uke.07-08-14 Near Creede CO 3907-08-14 Near Creede CO 4007-08-14 Near Creede CO 4107-08-14 Near Creede CO 4307-08-14 Near Creede CO 46We did make a trip to North Clear Creek Falls and on to Lake City. 07-09-14 Near Creede CO 0207-09-14 Near Creede CO 0407-09-14 Near Creede CO 0807-09-14 Near Creede CO 1107-09-14 Near Creede CO 1307-09-14 Near Creede CO 1807-09-14 Near Creede CO 19One of a few deer we saw on this trip.07-09-14 Near Creede CO 26Snow on the mountains!07-09-14 Near Creede CO 3007-09-14 Near Creede CO 3107-09-14 Near Creede CO 32Have to include a picture of Zane by the fish in Lake City.  We put Zachary on the same fish when he was not quite 3.  07-09-14 Zane Lake CityMore deer.  There is a fawn beside the deer on the left if you look carefully.07-09-14 Near Creede CO 43Zane bought some stuff you put in your fire to give off colors.  It was really pretty greens and blues and pinks and reds.07-09-14 Near Creede CO 4807-09-14 Near Creede CO 6007-09-14 Near Creede CO 6207-09-14 Near Creede iphone04Just a beautiful area to camp in.  Quiet and cool and well worth it. 07-09-14 Near Creede iphone06

Very hard to move on but we promised the boys Fun Valley. I really did not take very many pictures there.  The boys enjoyed relaxing and fishing and eating ice cream and relaxing.

Oh, and they all went paddle boating.  07-10-14 Fun Valley iphone0107-10-14 Fun Valley iphone0407-10-14 Fun Valley iphone0707-10-14 Fun Valley iphone1307-10-14 Fun Valley iphone1907-10-14 Fun Valley iphone24The tram.  Well worth the free ride. 07-10-14 Fun Valley iphone22The kids playing in the arcade.07-10-14 Fun Valley iphone25Some really interesting birds on the bird feeder next door.07-11-14 Fun Valley 12And we had rain every day and dances every night.  Kept us busy but relaxed.07-11-14 Fun Valley iphone01And then the joys of going home.  We left Fun Valley on Saturday morning planning on being home at a very decent time.  Well you know how that goes.  First we locked the keys to the truck in the truck.  Long story but a mechanic at the store in Dalhart had a tool and for $20 he got it unlocked for us!  Thank you.

Left Dalhart headed for home after a 20 minute delay.  Not bad.  We are going along and Ross thought the trailer was pulling rough but not problem.  Then the highway patrol pulled him over.  he wondered what was going on.  Not speeding.  About that time Mike said “Ross, you are on fire.  No, your tire is blown!”  Anyone who travel the road between Amarillo and Dalhart knows that part of that road is a real trial.  Two lane with a shoulder but busy with truck.  After lots of adjustments they got the tire changed.  It was shredded and the rim was really bad.  Later we found out it was the new one we bought before we left home. (Peerless made good on it and the rim, despite there not being enough to identify the tire.)07-12-14 flats iphone0107-12-14 flats iphone02Back on the road again.  Whew.  Got down the road and turned on what we call Boys Ranch Road to Amarillo. (I think it is actually Tascosa Road.)  Ross looked and said “We have another flat!”. Thank goodness he carries two spares for the trailer!  Mike spotted a road to pull onto to change this flat as there is NO shoulder on this road.  This tire was not as shredded as the other but still was bad.  It had wrapped around the wires and axel. 

By the way, we did not tire sensors on the tires.  No, they did not work.  We now think the batteries failed but it was not an expensive sensor.

So this time they got the tire changed in record time and we made it home with not more incidents.  Well, unless you count that the wires to the brake system were torn so we had no trailer brakes.  Yes, had to depend on the truck to get us stopped.07-12-14 flats iphone0407-12-14 flats iphone05

Needless to say we were quite happy to be home.  Ross is still working on the RV. Found that we had also shaken loose the connection from the sink to the gray tank.  He is still contemplating how to fix that one.  Probably going to have to remove some flooring in the pantry.  But it only leaks when it is overfull so it is not pressing.  We have no plans for an RV trip in the near future.  I think I will be glad when we go to Tahoe in September and stay in motels and with relatives! 

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