Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mores sports and just some pictures to share

Just want to share some pictures first of the moon.  We were driving home from running errands when I just could not resist the moon.  It was huge!  Just coming over the horizon…

10-07-14 moon 0110-07-14 moon 0510-07-14 moon 13Then a couple of nights later we had a lightening storm within a huge cloud.  It never really produced much rain our way but I think it did north of town.  Just beautiful.10-09-14 19-05-16 - 000210-09-14 19-07-08 - 0019I took a couple of underexposed pictures just to show how the cloud lit up.10-09-14 19-08-08 - 002710-09-14 19-08-41 - 0043Really cool!10-09-14 19-08-45 - 0046

Now, on to the boys and games.  Football season is nearly over. Baseball season is over. Next it will be basketball. But the boys are getting more picky about what sports they will play. I am not sure if Zane will play basketball but Zachary just loves it.  Different likes for each of the boys.

Zane is not playing tackle this year but it is flag football.  However, after a little rough play from the other team Zane had had enough.  10-11-14 Zane football 07Yep, right on the ground.10-11-14 Zane football 10I think this kid was rough on Zane but he did not know who he was dealing with.  Zane stuck right with him.10-11-14 Zane football 15It was a cold morning!10-11-14 Zane football 20One of Zane’s best positions is “hiker” (center).  He is very good at getting that ball right where it needs to be.10-18-14 Zane football 0110-18-14 Zane football 0210-18-14 Zane football 03OK, last baseball games.10-11-14 Zane baseball 0210-11-14 Zane baseball 07Zane got hit while batting but continued to bat.  I think he should have gone to first base but what do I know about rules!10-11-14 Zane baseball 0910-11-14 Zane baseball 23He loves to slide into base but there seems to be a bat in his way…10-11-14 Zane baseball 2610-11-14 Zane baseball 30We left before the end of the game and learned that Zane hit a good one right over second base’s head.  Good thing he is over that batting slump. 

Now a few more of Zachary playing football.  He plays several positions but I love to watch him kick the ball.  He is getting better and better.

10-14-14 Zachary football 1410-14-14 Zachary football 1810-14-14 Zachary football 23And yes, he does a pretty good job as a defensive player.10-14-14 Zachary football 2410-14-14 Zachary football 33I really enjoy watching my grandsons play any kind of sport!

Just a few more of some of the flowers.  They are loving this fall weather…

10-17-14 flowers 0110-17-14 flowers 04

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Heading home

The last of our trip was through California to Laughlin, Nevada and on to  Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We had some very long drives.  It is a LONG way home.  But we saw some beautiful country and some interesting sites. 

There were so many oil pumps in this part of California.  Even in Texas I have never seen this many in one spot.  It really looks like a mess.10-02-14 travel thru CA and NV 0110-02-14 travel thru CA and NV 0210-02-14 travel thru CA and NV 0410-02-14 travel thru CA and NV 0510-02-14 travel thru CA and NV 06Then I did not get any good pictures of the rose operations. Fields of all colors of roses.  Oh, I wish we had stopped and I have just smelled them.10-02-14 travel thru CA and NV 09Then the desert on the way to Laughlin. Pretty in it’s own way.10-02-14 travel thru CA and NV 1110-02-14 travel thru CA and NV 2410-02-14 travel thru CA and NV 31I got us reservations at Harrah’s in Laughlin for just $29 a night.  Wow, that was great.  We did not go swimming but the pools were nice.  This is the adult pool with a bar and hot tub.  Really nice.10-02-14 21-51-2810-02-14 21-51-31On toward home…10-03-14 08-05-0710-03-14 08-28-59We stopped in a little place in AZ to buy the boys some fireworks and found the Continental Divide!

10-03-14 15-38-12

Albuquerque.  The timing could not have been better.  We got to go to the balloon fiesta.  And I actually was able to get us a reservation at a motel just a couple of exits from the balloon launch.  It was a wonderful end to our trip.

I have so many pictures I am going to put them into a few albums for easier upload and viewing.

As you can probably tell, I love the balloons.  It is so worth the trip and the traffic and the cold.  I recommend it to everyone.  Oh, the bear statue was at our hotel as were some of the pictures of some of the balloons.  They came right over as we were packing to go home.  They even had chairs and tables set up to watch from the hotel. So cool!  Take a little time and view the slide shows.

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